Introduction: Strawberry Iced Tea

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Hello everyone! If you are looking for a refreshing summer drink here it is! I found this on Pinterest, and it looked so good I had to try it! Enjoy!

Step 1: Ingredients!

1 pint of strawberries (one container)
2 family size tea bags
1 tablespoon of lemon juice (or a lemon)
4 cups of tea
2/3 cups of sugar (optional

Strainer (optional)
Glass measuring cup

Let's make this tea!

Step 2: Cut the Strawberries

Now, you need to cut the tops off of the strawberries! You don't want any leaves in your tea, do you?

Step 3: Put Your Cut Strawberries in the Blender and Blend!

I find this a lot easier than putting all the ingredients in and blending. Usually, if you have a blender like mine, the ingredients overflow while it's blending and make a huge mess!

Step 4: Strain the Strawberry Blend! (optional)

I strain the strawberry blend because I don't like seeds in my tea, but you DO NOT have to do this step.

Step 5: Make Your Tea!

Fill a glass measuring cup to 2 cups, and soak your family size tea bags in! Do this twice, amounting up to 4 cups of tea.

Step 6: Pour in the Tea!

After you've made your four cups of tea, pour them in your blender with your strawberries.

Step 7: Pour in Your Lemon Juice!

Since I did not have any lemon juice with me, I just used a tablespoon of lemon juice from a lemon.

Step 8: You're Done! ( Add a Little Sugar If You Want)

Make sure to blend your concoction, and you're done! Thanks for viewing! I hope you enjoy the strawberry iced tea!

Step 9: