Introduction: Strawberry Jelly

Today you will learning how to make a batch of delicious strawberry jelly. It is super simple, and takes under one hour to make!

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

Ingredients needed:

- 2 cups of sugar

- 1 large lemon

- 1 ½ pints of strawberries

Step 2: Gather Other Baking Materials

Other supplies needed:

- Saucepan

- Baking spatula

- Zester

- One large to medium sized bowl

- One small bowl or jar

- Cutting knife


- Cutting board

Step 3: Zest the Lemons in a Bowl

First, zest the lemon in a bowl with a zester. You will need to use one lemon for this task. Use a medium sized bowl and zest the lemon until it is fully bare.

Step 4: Then Squeeze the Lemon Fully

Cut your lemon that you zested in half horizontally. Then squeeze one half into the same bowl you used in the prior step. Repeat this with the second half of the lemon.

Step 5: Add 2 Cups of Sugar

Once your lemon is squeezed and zested, stir the lemon mixture in the bowl for about 20 seconds. Then you will add two cups of bakers sugar to the bowl. One you have added it, stir again for 20 seconds.

Step 6: Pour This Mixture Into a Saucepan

Once all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, pour the mixture into a saucepan.

Step 7: Put It on the Stove

Now place the saucepan onto the stove turn the stove on low. Heat while stirring and heating for approximately 10-12 minutes.

Step 8: Wash the Strawberries

Grab your 1 and 1/2 pints of strawberries and rinse them thoroughly.

Step 9: Cut Up Strawberries

Then take your strawberries, and first cut off the stems. Then cut them in half once horizontally and then once vertically. Therefore, you should have 4 small pieces per one strawberry.

Step 10: Add the Strawberries to the Saucepan

After the mixture has been on the stove for 10-12 minutes, add the cut up strawberries to the pan.

Step 11: Continue to Heat While Stirring

Once the strawberries have been added, continue to heat on low while stirring. You should stir for about 20 more minutes.

Step 12: Let It Cool

Once all of the ingredients are stirred together and melted into one mix, let it cool for about 12 minutes.

Step 13: Pour the Jelly Into a Small Jar or Bowl

Make sure this mixture in contained in some way.

Step 14: Get Ready to Use It!

You are done! Just place your bowl or jar into the refrigerator and use it whenever you wish.