Introduction: How to Do a Bucket Turn

This instructable will teach you how to do a proper bucket turn.
The video posted is what the outcome of your bucket turn should look like. Sorry for the smudges and streaks on the windows, we don't have the cleanest pool, but I guess that's what you get with a public school facility.


Step 1:

Approach the wall swimming backstroke, start to extend your arm towards the wall.

(it doesn't matter which hand you use, whatever your most comfortable with, I usually use my dominant hand.)

Step 2:

Keep swimming until you reach the wall, as you reach the wall, glide and keep kicking, extending your arm towards the wall.

Step 3:

As your hand touches the wall, make sure its steady and you have a good hold on the wall.

Step 4:

Now that you have a good steady hold on the wall, start by bringing your knees to your chin, and begin to curl your body towards yourself.

Step 5:

Then bring your legs up and over, like a back flip, start to remove your hand from the wall, try keeping your body tight, like a ball.

Step 6:

After you flip over, remove your hand from the wall and continue your flip.

Step 7:

Continue flipping over and place your feet on the wall and keep your head straight.

Step 8:

Bend your knees, you should have your knees bent more to get more momentum for when you push off. Then start to push off keeping your hands out in front of you, (like Superman) you should almost be fully extended by the time that you push off the wall.

Step 9:

Push off the wall with arms and legs fully extended while gliding, remember to keep your head level and straight with your spine.

Step 10:

Continue keeping your arms, legs and head straight as you glide (like Superman) through the water.

Step 11:

Then start your breastroke power pull, which is one pull and one kick under the water, and swim the rest of your Individual Medley.