Introduction: Strawberry Milk Peda | Paalkova | South Indian Delicacy

Palkova/Milk Peda is very famous in Southern part of India. The place Chithode (near Erode) Aavin dairy is very famous for this palkova n after coming to Chennai I knew Srivilliputhur also famous for it. This dessert is purely based on milk and sugar. The traditional palkova is made by reducing the whole milk in medium flame, it’s a very time consuming process. I made it simple by adding milk powder and condensed milk which can be done in 10mins. I decided to prepare a guilt free sweet so I used nonfat dairy milk powder and fat free condensed milk to get the exact taste. Also I added Strawberry syrup to make it healthier.This tasted great with strawberry syrup, u can prepare the syrup a day before too.

Step 1:


Strawberry - 10 Numbers

Nonfat Instant dry milk powder/Mawa - 1 Cup (I used nonfat milk powder)

Fat free Sweetened Condensed Milk - 1/2 Cup

•Wash n Hull the strawberries (Remove the green stem), chop it.
•In a sauce pan just immerse the berries with water + a tbsp of sugar Pic 1.
•Boil in medium flame for 5-7mins or till berries mashes well Pic 2.

Step 2:

•Use the Juice/coconut milk extract n pulse to get 3/4th cup of thick syrup.
•In a wide pan add condensed milk and strawberry syrup mix well Pic 3.
•Now add the milk powder stir frequently in medium flame Pic 4.
•Make sure not to stick in the pan.
•You can add 1-2tsp of ghee for easy stir, but i didn't add so.
•Add 1 or 2 drops of red food color (optional).
•While stirring, it leaves the sides of pan that’s the right consistency to remove from heat Pic 5.
•You can have it as it is after taking out from heat.
•Below method is optional.
•For my daughter what I did was poured in a tray, leveled the top with back of spoon + little ghee Pic 6.
•Cover with cling wrap n refrigerates at least 3hrs to set.
•After that make fun shapes using cookie cutter, garnish with nuts before serving.

Step 3:

1.If you don't get strawberries just skip, the authentic palkova is ready :-).
2.The sugar in condensed milk is enough, so no need to add extra sugar.

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