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Introduction: Strawberry Nail Art

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This instructable will show you how to make adorable and sassy nail art

Step 1: Supplies

1) green polish 2) light blue polish 3) red polish 4) yellow polish 5) half of a broken bobby pin

Step 2: Blue

Paint the nail blue

Step 3: Bobby

Take the bobby pin and put red on it. Draw sort of a strawberry shape

Step 4: Stem

Put green on the bobby pin spike it up from the top of the strawberry

Step 5: Add Yellow

Add yellow seeds

Step 6: Finished!

And then you're finished! Leave a comment or show me a pic of your own attempt at this tutorial!!!! Thanks;)

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    9 years ago

    about the question u asked on my instructable... the answer is because it wouldnt be a sticker and if you rnt good at one hand it works better. Hint: nail sticker