Introduction: Strawberry Water ?

Do you ever want a nice cold strawberry drink? but you can't think of an easy recipe to make one
Then I have your solution with this recipe of strawberry water

Step 1: Get Ingredients

To make strawberry water is really simple and you don't need a lot of ingredients to make it

2.)Bowl of Strawberry's
3.) water (half a gallon )
4.) sugar
5.) ice (if you want your drink to be nice and cold )
7.) container

Step 2: Wash Strawberry's and Peel Off the Top Green Leaf of the Strawberry and When You Are Washing the Strawberry's Place Them in the 2nd Bowl

Step 3: Grab the Bowl of Washed Strawberry's and Pour the Strawberry's Into the Blender

Step 4: Get Half a Spoon of Sugar and Pour the Sugar on Top of the Strawberry's in the Blender

Step 5: Pour Half of the Water Into the Blender

Step 6: Turn on Blender on High and Allow the Strawberry's to Blend

Step 7: Grab Blender and Pour the Juice Into a Container and Add Ice

Step 8: Finished ??