Introduction: Streching S Video Cable

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The other day the S Video cable to my video projector from my satalite receiver broke. I think others may be interested in how I solved the problem.
I couldn't find any long S Vieo cable in the stores the longest was only 3 metres. Apperently S Video is too old for the stores to carry because no one uses it anymore.
A couple of days later I noticed some exterior telephone cable in the garbage room at work, I check there often, it is amazing the things people trow out. I grabbed the cable and now have 7 metres of 8 wire phone cable. Going back to the store I bought that short SV cable.

Step 1: Materials List:

I have the 2 cables. So I need:

Soldering Iron,
Silicone rubber putty, and
Uncured rubber tape.

You can use Electritian's tape instead of the last two items.

Step 2: Connect the Cables Together

Cut the SV cable in half and strip the ends of the 4 wires.
Then strip the ends of the phone cable. there are 8 wires in coloured pairs, but they are only 1/2 the size of the wires in the SV cable. So I'll use each pair as one wire.
Cut each one at a different length so that the joints are not beside each other.
Now solder each of the wires together.
I seem to have lost the picture of the solder joints, but you know what they look like right?

Step 3: Covering the Connections

Most people would wrap their connections with electritians tape but I like to use the silicone rubber because it is less bulky.
Mix little bits of the 2 part silicone mold compound together and roll it out into short lengths. Press it flat and wrap theach solder joint with them making new insulation.
It is important that you do this a little at a time because the amount is so small the curing time is really short. So just mix enough for one wire at a time.
Then twist the cables to wind the wires and wrap it with the uncured rubber tape. Again you can use Electritian's tape, but this way it never unwraps.

Step 4: The Other End

Go through the same process with the other end.

Step 5: TEsting

Now that it is done I just need to plug it in and test it.
Hurray it works

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