Introduction: Street Sign Bench

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Have any street signs laying around that you've accumulated over the years? Then this is a great way to repurpose an item and impress your friends with an awesome bench or coffee table.

Step 1: Laying Out Your Materials

To begin constructing this project, gather your materials of choice.

1 bigger street sign for the seat/top

2 long borders

2 shorter borders

2 brackets

(all cut to the proper dimensions of course, feel free to use the exact dimensions I posted in the image above, for they follow the basic height of a seat) :)

Step 2: Aligning the Brackets

once the brackets are cut to the correct dimensions, align them underneath your top sign (as demonstrated in the image above).

Now to rivet them in place, starting with the long sides!

Step 3: Riveting!

For this step you will need:


Drill bits matching diameter of rivet

Rivets, (I chose long)

Rivet Gun

(make sure to clean up aluminum shavings that will spiral outwards when drilling your hole!

1. Mark evenly along edge where the rivets will be placed and mirror them over to opposite sides.

2. Drill your hole

3. Put the rivet in it

4. Use the rivet gun to apply the rivet and break away excess4. Repeat!

Step 4: Aligning Borders and Riveting

Now that our top is attached to our brackets, its time to place and rivet our decorate street sign borders in place. (I chose a different color sign, but the creative decisions are up to you!) :D

Starting with the long sides first, rivet onto place.

Refer to the images above to see what you should have at the end of this step.

Step 5: Adding Our Base/Support

If we are making a bench, we want it to be able to support a human.

Underneath the top sign, wedged in between the bracket-frame, we will add a fitting piece of plywood to be later attached tp the legs.

1. Measure inner perimeter

2. Cut your wood

3. Place in between brackets.

Step 6: Legs

Cut (4) 2"x4" pieces of wood

Step 7: Screwing Legs in Place

1. Mark where the legs will go

2. Drill 2 holes through the sign, base, and legs. (use clamps when necessary)

Step 8: Customize Your New Awesome Bench/Coffee Table!

I chose to sand and stain my legs black!

Hope you enjoyed and are happy with your new customized, unique, and repurposed piece of furniture.

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