Introduction: Street Sign Typographic Poster

This Instructable with teach you how to make your own typographic poster using discarded street signs. Disclaimer: this project is a purely artistic and results may vary based on your own vision. These are general instructions you'll have to follow.

Step 1: Materials You Will Need

1. Hand drill

2. Rivets (larger rivets require larger drill bits for the hand drill)

3. Rivet Gun

4. Discarded street sign pieces

5. Metal clamps

6. Guillotine Shear - to cut metal

Step 2: Arranging Your Pieces

You first want to cut different parts of the street sign, ideally, separating the letters (individually or as a group). You would use the Guillotine Shear to cut these letters or images off the discarded sign. For instance, I used a "DO NOT ENTER" sign. I cut the "NO" out of "NOT" and cut the "ER" from "ENTER". Above is a video on how a typical Guillotine Shear operates.

After cutting out specific pieces from the street sign, you can arrange them in any way or order you want. For this project, I found the I can make the phrase, "NO RENT" by integrating the "NO" piece with the "ENT" piece. I cut the "R" out of the"ER" piece previously cut from "ENTER" and arranged the R to the front of ENT to spell RENT. Therefore, the new phrase is NO RENT.

Again, your pieces and phrases may be entirely different from mines. Be creative and use what you find.

Step 3: Riveting Your Poster Together

Now let's turn these signs into new personalized works of art.

First, you want to clamp down two overlapping pieces. Use larger pieces from the street sign to have a "backing" for the letters or images; rivets require you have overlapping pieces.

Then, drill through these two two pieces. This will make a hole that the rivet will go through to hold these two pieces together.

Once you drill the hole, you can now start riveting these pieces together. I prefer you drill with a large drill bit and use a large rivet to ensure these pieces can stay in place.

Place the rivet with the short end into the drilled hole. Then, take your Rivet Gun have the long end of the rivet be inserted into the rivet gun slot. Clamp the rivet gun a few times all the way until you hear the rivet pop. This means the rivet is inserted into the two pieces, joining them.

Repeat this process until are satisfied with the imagery you made.

Step 4: And Voila, You Have Yourself a New Poster to Hang in That Room You Wanted to Decorate So Bad

I hope this Instructable encourages you to go out and make a new kind of artwork.

Enjoy! :D