Introduction: Street Stage

Street Stage is a parklet dedicated to public performance art. Connecting artists with the city, Street Stage provides them an interactive space to share their craft.

A condoned space for all types of performance art, Street Stage integrates recording equipment to broadcast performances online and lighting displays to introduce new possibilities for on-the-street audience interactivity. You can think of it as a parklet dedicated to public performance.

Street Stage provides performers a built-in audience for their art — the city itself.

The idea is simple. Take a sliver of sidewalk, a plaza corner, a park thoroughfare. Frame the space. Build a platform. It won't take long before people seize the opportunity to make themselves heard. Our urban environments are filled with leftover slivers and corners that could be put to use in making cities more vibrant, social, and fun places to live. Street Stage elevates street performers and recognizes their unique role in giving our streets voice, rhythm, soul, and community.

Performance is about creating and sharing. Street Stage is the medium.

On the street, performers reach thousands of people per day. Street Stage uses simple recording and transmission technology to widen their platform and broadcast their art to thousands more on the internet. Listen, download, share. Performers have a new way of sharing their work with the world and to preserve their performances for their fans to enjoy down the street or across the country.

Street Stage is mobile and modular.

Street Stage is modular and can be designed for any context. It can be a permanent street or plaza installation or broken down and packed up for use a festivals, farmers markets, or other occasional events. Street Stage is for everyone. Construction and installation are easy and low-cost; with some simple materials, a few tools, and a little paint, you're most of the way there. Anywhere can be a stage.

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