Introduction: Street Tennis

I guys, this is my first instructable.

I imagined it while I was lying on the beach, it was so boring.

I had just two raquets and a ball, but anyway, I decided to think at a new game for people who get bored easily like me.

I hope you enjoy it and if you do, please leave a like and vote me for the contest.

Step 1: Court and Equipment

For the court, I decided a not really big area, to make people able to play it almost everywhere. (the dimensions in the photo are in meters).

For the equipment you just need two raquets and a ball like the ones showed in the picture.

To make this sport easier to play, I didn't add a net, which it's hard to have with yourself when you go to the beach or outside.

Step 2: Rules

In the court, you can bounce the ball just in the back area, this rule replace the lack of the net, it permit you not to smash the ball and not to make to short shots.

You have to serve form behind the bottom line.

You also have to receive with at least a foot behind the bottom line.

You have to stay in your part of the court and you can't go after the centerline or trample on it.

Step 3: Where to Play It

You can play the game everywhere, I thought it for the beach but you can also do it on the grass or on every surface. (if you play it on the rock or on the asphalt, be carefully to do not tumble because you could hurt yourself).

Step 4: Counting the Points

I think it's a great fun also to play it without a match, but what game is, a game which has not the match?

The match is made of several tie-breaks which can be just 1, or 3, 5, 7 ecc...

You win the tie-break when you arrive at 7 points at least, before the opponent, with at least 2 points over the opponent.

Step 5: Tricks and Points

This game can produce really funny and interesting point, if you have some, feel free to post it in the comment.

Here there's a video

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