Introduction: Street

This is the end result of the street that I spent a handful amount of time on.

Step 1: Motel

This was my starting building and it took a fair amount of time because of my lack of experience.
Making this took a huge beige block, before adding thin white rectangles as windows - placing it into the huge block. I used the same type of white block before stretching it to make a door. Afterwards, I got the text block, writing 'Motel' and colouring it red. I also got a dark brown, fairly flat rectangle before merging it to an invisible rectangle and merging it, creating the roof!

Step 2: Ice Cream Parlour

My second building, I slapped in a big white rectangle. Adding grey squares to act as windows and an ever darker grey as a door. The roof was fairly hard to make, but I put in 5 triangles on the top of my white rectangle before colouring them in the red and white pattern. I wrote 'Ice Cream', using a text block, in a light pink colour. Additionally, I added a half-circle as a small roof on top before stretching it and hiding half of it inside the building, adding pillars by stretching cylinders - to make it appear more natural.

Step 3: Laundromat

My third and final building, I added a big white square and added flat blue circles and acted them as windows. I added two grey doors putting them next to each other to act as doors. I added the word 'Laundromat' via the text block, colouring it in a light blue and slapping that in the building. Lastly, I added the light blue block on top to decorate the building and make it seem more authentic.

Step 4: Bench

To make this bench was simple and only took 6 rectangles, shaping two to be long and thin. Before colouring it black. Then I added 4 long and thin brown rectangles to act as planks for people to comfortably sit on.

Step 5: Trash Can

To make the body of the trash can I actually used a can before simple down-sizing it, colouring it a dark grey. Then I used a cap of a bottle, again, down-sizing it and making it just slightly misplaced to make it more known that it is, indeed, a trash can. Then, for the final touch, I made 3 extremely small rectangles, before putting it together into a handle.

Step 6: Street Light

To make this I used 2 small and thin cylinders, colouring it a dark grey. I placed them together, before adding a sphere, flattening it and making it small - colouring it the same dark grey. Lastly, copy-pasting the same sphere, made it even smaller and colouring it yellow to make it seem like the light.

Step 7: Street and Grass

To make this I simply flatten out rectangles, making them extremely thin, before colouring them grey, white, black and green. This was simple and straight-forward.

Step 8: Tree

I added a small thin and brown cylinder to act as a trunk of a tree. Then I added 3 green circles, meshing them into the tree. As a final touch, I added multiple butterflies that I found, made them small and coloured them all different colours - just to add a pop of colour.

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