Introduction: Strength Test

Have you ever wanted to test your strength? Your true strength? Well then you've come to the right place. One person once said that this test was the most accurate strength test to ever be created. This consistent, easy, strength machine will not only prove your ability to create, but your ability to smash a clown's face.

Step 1: Materials Needed

- A yoga block

- A plastic stick

- An FSR

- Wires

- An Arduino Uno

- A breadboard

- 4 different color LED's

-Paint & Chalk

-Computer screen sized wooden board.

Step 2: Wiring

Using the Arduino Uno, the breadboard, and wires, follow fritzing photo representation of where to attach the wires. The FSR will be glued in the clown nose as was mentioned in the construction.

Step 3: Coding

Implement the code below into your Arduino program to run the lights and the FSR.

Step 4: Aesthetics and Building

- The first step is to make the hammer. To do this you need to connect the plastic stick to the foam yoga block by stabbing the plastic stick into the block and glue it in. Use enough glue to make sure you can wack something with the hammer without the yoga block falling off.

- Then you need to make the "Clown" face. What I did is I got a roughly computer screen sized wooden block and I fully covered it in white chalk. Then I used paints to make the clown face, except for the important thing is to draw a clown WITHOUT A NOSE!!! Leave a blank space where the nose would be.

- Construct the nose by taking a small squarish wooden block. Make sure that the wooden block is larger than your FSR. Cut out a Styrofoam piece the exact same size as the small block. Put the Styrofoam on top of the wooden block and paint that combination RED. This will serve as the nose. Glue the block down in an appropriate position for a nose and drill a hole close to it. Place the FSR and secure it down on the small wooden block, then secure the Styrofoam portion on top of it. Run the wires from the FSR down the hole that was drilled in the big wooden block.

- Place the Arduino and breadboard off to the side and cover it by some kind of box so that the wires are barely visible.

Step 5: Hitting It

Test your hammer a couple of times and now in theory, when you hit it as hard as you can, sometimes you can light up the fourth light, and the different variation of hitting it will light up different lights. Adjust the numbers of the code to suit how hard you will be hitting it and what your maximum is.

Your true strength is now shown. If you really have muscles, you can put the maximum to 1023. If you have made it this far however, your brain is stronger than any of your muscles.