Introduction: Strepsils Survival Kit

Now I know there are many altoids survival kits out there, but none have the same container as I have: A Strepsils tin.
I find they are larger and still easy to store away.

Step 1: Finding the Right Container

First you will need a container, one that has a fair amount of space while it fitting in your pocket. I just happened to have a old Strepsils tin so I used that because I wanted some originality.

Step 2: Things You'll Need

In my kit I included the following things:
-square of TP for first aid
-2 small bandages
-2 pieces of para cord
-little cloth bag (good for gauze and holding things in)
-razor blade for use as a small knife
-button compass
-small rectangle of tin foil
-small metal bobbin for holding thread or string
-string or thin cord (dental floss maybe?)
-firekracler for signalling help
-wood matches and striker pad
-small birthday candle for storing open flame
-small spark igniter from a broken BBQ lighter, for emergency fires
-pop can tab (many uses)
-antiseptic pads
-safety pins
-elastic bands

I also used electrical tape to stick the striker pad onto the Inside of the tin lid.

This is more of a camping emergency kit, so feel free to adjust to suit your needs.

Step 3: Compacting It All Together

Now you want to try to put it all into the tin. Keep in mind to keep matches and flammable things as far apart away in the tin. Also always have your mirror/ tinfoil on top of the things inside for quick use for signalling. Keep blades away from medical wipes and matches, as they can scrape the things inside the tin. Have the most important things on top and medical things close together. I managed to fit everything in without using an elastic band to hold it shut.

Step 4: One Last Word

This is my first instructible! Please leave a comment about thoughts/opinions. Thanks for reading and be careful out there!

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