Stress Balls




Introduction: Stress Balls

Unfortunately, stress is a part of daily life. With just a few supplies and 10 minutes anyone can make this fun and easy stress ball!

You will need:

-2 Balloons



-Small Bowl (Paper or Styrofoam)

-Empty Water Bottle

-Something to Stir with (I found forks work best)


Step 1:

In your bowl, place 6 tablespoons of corn starch and slowly work in 3 tablespoons of water.

Step 2:

Slowly stir mixture until smooth, working out all lumps.

Step 3:

Slightly bend edge of bowl to create a small spout to pour mixture into empty water bottle.

Step 4:

Blow up both balloons to stretch them out and then place one balloon over the top of the water bottle.

Step 5:

Turn water bottle upside down until all of the mixture has gone into balloon (you may need to squeeze the bottle to force all of the mixture in).

Step 6:

Take the balloon off of the bottle and tie a tight knot after making sure that no air is trapped in the balloon.

Step 7:

Cut off the end of the knot after making sure the knot is secure.

Step 8:

Cut off the neck of the second balloon.

Step 9:

Place filled balloon, knot inward, inside the second balloon.

Step 10:

Squeeze and de-stress!!!!

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    1 year ago

    Do I have permission to share with my parents that are currently doing social distance learning with their special needs child?


    5 years ago

    I love playing with these! :)