Introduction: Strider Camera Robot V6

This Instructables show how to build Strider Walker V6.


  • TTGO T-Journal ESP32 Dev Board
  • OV2640 or OV3660 camera module with a little bit longer FPC
  • Two 4.3g servo with 360 degree rotation option
  • Two 801525 Lipo batteries
  • Two Paperclips
  • SMA Coaxial PCB mount Jack
  • A short SMA Antenna
  • Around 60-100 pieces of 4mm (actually 3.6mm) M1.2 screws

Step 1: Paperclip Axis

  1. Straighten the paperclip and cut into 2 pieces
  2. Keep 24mm straight and belt remaining into a handle
  3. Repeat to make 4 paperclip axis

Step 2: Servo Patch

Picture 1: 4.3g 360 servo

Picture 2: mark the cutting lines

Picture 3: unscrew the servo

Picture 4-5: cut the servo

Picture 6-7: screw up the trimmed servo

Picture 8: cut the original output axis

Step 3: TTGO T-Journal Antenna Patch

Desoldering the TTGO T-Journal SMA edge mount Jack and replace with PCB mount jack.

Step 4: 3D Print

Please download and print all the parts at Thingiverse:

Step 5: Legs Assembly

Picture 1: leg1-4

Picture 2: connect leg2 and leg3 with screw

Picture 3: then connect to leg1

Picture 4: connect leg3 and leg4 with screw

Picture 5: repeat Picture 1-4 to assembly 1 more

Picture 6: connect leg2 and leg4 with screw

Picture 7: connect another leg2 and leg4 with screw

Repeat Picture 1-7 to assembly 6 pairs of legs.

Step 6: Install Servo

Picture 1: servo and body

Picture 2: put the wire into the body hole

Picture 3: push servo into the body

Picture 4: screw up upper side

Picture 5: screw up with bottom

Step 7: Install Crankshaft and Legs

Picture 1: install axis1 into servo axis

Picture 2: install pair of legs into axis1

Picture 3: install axis2

Picture 4: install next pair of legs into axis2

Picture 5: install next axis2

Picture 6: install last pair of legs into axis2

Picture 7: instal axis3

Step 8: Install Paperclip Axis

align the leg1 and let the paperclip axis pass through the body and all the leg1.

Step 9: Test Run

Use servo tester check all legs run smooth.

Step 10: Install Another Side

Repeat steps 6-9 for the the side.

Step 11: Connect 360 Servos

Screw up the T-Journal mount and body with 8 screws.

Cut the 360 servos wire and soldering to the TTGO T-Journal. Left side connect to GPIO 2, 3V3 and GND; Right side connect to GPIO 4, 3V3 and GND.

Step 12: Install Battery

  1. Squeeze 2 Lipo batteries into the robot body front and back
  2. Screw up T-Journal mount, front and back with 4 screws
  3. Soldering 2 of them together in parallel connection to get a larger battery

Step 13: Weight

Step 14: Program

This instructables mainly describe the new version hardware assembly. Please refer to my previous instructables for the programming steps.


Please uncomment below line in camera_pins.h for this version:


Step 15: V2 Vs V6

Step 16: Enjoy!

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