Introduction: Striker

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Ummmm, FIVE STAR RATING? WTF? That's truly impossible.

Okay, here is my latest creation. This shotgun shoots two blue rods at a time. (like my AA-12).there isn't much new about it, except the drum mag (fake). Well, there's not much else to say. Pros and cons? Yessirrr!

looks pretty cool!
it's actually a shotgun!
okay range of 40 feet
 It just feels awesome
cool sights
Very close to the real thing.

A few broken parts needed (i think just 1 broken white rod is absolutely necessary)

Let's get building shall we!

WARNING, gun slippery when wet.

Step 1: Barrel

The barrel. The bullet flies through here. Just follow the pics.

Step 2: Magazine

Bullets load up in from here. Just follow the pics again. 


HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE AN OLD MAN? lol, just kidding :P IT's not your birthday! And this cake isnt yours either! *takes cake, runs into bathroom, locks door, eats cake*

Step 4: Handle

The part where you hold the gun, the trigger is here too. Again, follow the pictures.

Step 5: Drum Mag

The outsides for the magazine. Follow pictures.

Step 6: Building It!

The fun part!