Introduction: String Hoppers

This is  a delicious  dish called string hoppers which is famous in  South  India (Chennei)  Srilanka, Malaysia and Singapore.
Served with different types of curries.This should be served with atleast one curry.

My husband and I were in Srilanka  for three weeks.There spicy and delicious food was some thing that we really enjoyed.We loved this string hoppers served with different types of curries.I like the red rice string hoppers and my husband likes the white rice string hoppers.So we decided to buy the necessary stuffs to make it in our country.
With the help of some people I managed to buy the string hopper mould and the round shaped plastic mat which they use to squeeze in the string hoppers.We stayed over with some friends and they  were very helpful to show as  how it is done.Luckily I had a look in the way they mix the dough.It  is very important  to get the correct consistency.

When we returned back from our holidays the first thing I did was to invited my mother in law who is around the corner, to have a look on this home making stuff.. Then we both started our first try out to make string hoppers.

It came out very well and soft.Now when ever I have guests at home string hoppers is also a dish served with the German food.My German friends love this very much and always ask if I could make for them too.yes of course ...only to my close friends!!
It is a little bit messy when squeezing the dough,as it spills all around.So I have  spread a news paper underneath.
I mix both white flour and red flour together,which gives a nice colour.
I am glad that I bought the string hopper mould and mat.
This is a special dish at home on special occasion,and every time I make my mum in law,and at times my sister  is there to help me out.

Step 1: Requirements

Red rice flour (roasted)
White rice flour (Roasted)
String Hopper mould
String Hopper Mat
Boiling water

Step 2:

1.  Mix equal amount of red and white rice flour and add salt.If you like you can make with white flour or red flour.
2.  Pour the boiling water little by little and mix with a spoon.
3.  It should not be watery/creamy , nor very thick.Has to be  more on to a thicker side  dough to squeeze through the String
      hopper mould.

Step 3: Filling the Mould

Step 4:

Squeeze  the dough straight to the string hopper mat ,Keep turning around the mould so that the dough fills the mat equally.
Do not make it thick,Just two round should be enough.

Steam !!!
When you touch the string hoppers,it should not stick to the hand.Then it is done.It takes about 7-10minutes to steam.

Step 5:

Ha!! Finally done....
Enjoy it with your choice of curries.

I have posted this in the Hurriecane contest too.
I am a day care mom who is working full time,and do not have enough time for my sewing and crafting work which I love it very much.If ever I win the laser cutter I will give up my full time job or reduce it to a couple of hours(because I do a lot of craft work  with the kids and they will be dissapointed to see me no more)and start my own business at  home as I have enough and more sewing orders which I can not do it on time.Every instructable I do with the help of the laser cutter,I will definetly post it on this great site.

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