Introduction: String Musical Instrument

String instrument by String Fab.

We present a new way of making music just by using 3D printer.

You can not only download and print the file, but also modify the shape of the frame.

The strings sounds C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C of Octave 4.

It can be slightly different according to your 3D printing environments.

To amplify the sound of string instrument you can use plastic container. Enjoy your music with our String Fab! :)

Step 1: Decide With the Size of Your Musical Instrument

You would need a frame and strings for each note. There are several recommendations:

  • string length should be between 60mm and 90mmstring
  • string should be rectangular shaped
  • side strings (1st and 8th) should be located at least 15mm away from the frame
  • frame should be strong enough to hold the tension (10mm is fine)

Step 2: Define Thickness Based on the Desired Musical Note

Musical note of the string is calculated based on the frequency.

Using beam formula, set the thickness from the desired frequency.

In shared script (, use get_octave().

Thickness would be somewhere between 1.2mm and 2.5mm.

Step 3: ​Make 3D Model

Make 3D model in any 3D program.

We recommend to locate the beam on the bottom for avoiding the supporter problem.

Step 4: Print the Model

PLA and ABS have different material properties: elasticity, density, etc. That is why they would sound differently

Step 5: Check the Result

Check for note accuracy of notes by checking the frequency. Compare observed frequency with ideal frequency of note.

If you don’t get the right one, measure and compare the frequencies; measured_one/calculated_one

Step 6: Improve Results

Modify the ratio_measured and re-run get_octave().

And try to make better 3D model. Print and check again.

Step 7: Finalize Your Work

If everything went smooth until now, Congratulation!

To amplify the sound you can use plastic container. Put plastic container under string musical instrument.

Enjoy your music with our String Fab! :)

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