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Introduction: String Biopod

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Picture this.... 
You are about to do a big shoot and everyone is counting on you, you take your camera out. Next thing is the tripod but you can't find it so you must have forgotten it. What to do? This is the thing for you. 

Make-To-Learn Youth Contest questions:

What did you make?
I made a makeshift tripod, also referred to as a biopod. It works by stepping on the string and putting up force on the camera to stabilize it (careful not to pull too hard as you can break the camera)

How did you make it?
I got the idea by thinking that some people who want to take good pictures but don't have the aid of a tripod can use this as a makeshift tripod to help them and get better results. 

Where did you make it?
I made it at home and this projects connects to my other activities because I am a photographer.

What did you learn?
I leaned that this device actually work pretty well, I didn't know if at first this would work or not and surprisingly it does work fairly well. If I were to do this again I would find something that I can put right above the rubber nut so all of the nuts don't fall off when you remove the camera.

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