Introduction: String and Wire Lamp

Fun, relatively easy, and cheap to make!

All you need is:

  • String! (Lots of it)
  • Wire
  • Superglue or Zap-A-Gap (something strong but not visible)
  • A socket and bulb
  • Paper

Step 1: Assemble Your Shape!

Start with your wire and form the shape that you want.

I made a funny three-legged light, but you can make whatever shape you want to.

Make sure it can stand on it's own!

Step 2: Wrap Your String Around the Frame and Insert the Socket Into Place!

Take your spool of string and begin to wrap it around each and every wire that is visible.

Continue until the entire structure is perfectly covered in string.

Place your socket into the desired area.

Remember: If you have an LED bulb, you do not have to worry about accidentally burning your materials with your bulb.

It helps to loosely tape down your socket into place, and then proceed to cover it in string to securely hold it into place.

Step 3: Make a Grid!

Glue down the string by applying a drop of Superglue or Zap-A-Gap and holding the string down for 5-15 seconds with the tip of a finger or the end of pen.

Continue until the entire shape is a grid of string!

Step 4: Glue Paper Down Into to Interior!

Glue the paper down into the inside.

Shape the paper loosely to the shape of the structure and glue down the edges to the string.

Cut all the excess paper off for a clean look.

If need be, cut the folds off of the paper created by a curve and tape the cut edges back together!

Continue until your entire structure is covered.

Step 5: Plug It In!

Prop your light structure back up and put the bulb into the socket.

Plug it in and turn it on: You now have a beautiful custom light made with basically three simple materials!

Good job.