Introduction: String Art

This is a beautiful picture made of thread.Its called string art. It is medium difficut.

Step 1: What You Need.

What you need: 1) a frame (you can make it yourself or buy it)

2)nails (depends on the size of the frame, I used 22)

3)thread (I used black, white and brown collor)

Step 2: This Is a Scheme by Which I Made.

This is a scheme by which I made. First up with black thread go from 1black-1red (tie on 1black and go around 1 red) and back to 2black-2red until you get to the end. Do that the sam but from 1blue-1green till end. Than with brown thread go from 1black-7blue until you get to 3black-9blue. Do the same on all four sides. After that go with with like with brown but reduce the number of the nails you are going around. After that with the same order of collors go from 1black-3blue until you get to the end. Repeat that on all four sides. Than from 1black-2blue go with brown till end. Repeat that on all four sides. and the final with white from 1black-1blue till end repeating that on all four sides. end

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