Introduction: String Bag for Ball

My daughter asked me for some bag for her new friend. I wasn't really sure what friend and what kind of bag she was talking about, but after few questions and considering the fact she is really into basketball last months I realized she meant her ball. Lucky me. I grabbed few twines and made this thing.

Step 1: Material and Tools

Nothing special ;)

  • 4 x 2 meters of twine (adequately strong but not too thick)
  • small carabiner (optional)
  • scissors
  • tape measure or ruller
  • felt-tip or marker
  • tape (for marking and holding)
  • lighter (for burnig ends; I use gas stove instead)

Step 2: Net

Mark midpoints of twines (black tape), measure 4 cm in both directions from them and knot pairs of twines in order to create central square. Simple overhand knots are perfect choice. Then measure 8 cm from these knots and knot together twines creating triangles next to central square. For third set of knotes measure 12 cm, these triagles will be bigger. Knots of fourth set seat also at 12 cm. After them measure again 12 cm, but make no knots. Just tape together four and four adjacent twines.

Step 3: Handles

Handles are made specularly from taped point to both directions. Just take one free strand, make it to overhand knot around rest of strands and continue with alternating filling knots until you left less than 8 cm. Than take second free strand and do exactly the same what you did with first one (make ovehand knot around rest of strands and continue...) Last alternating knot make only around knotted strand, not around the free one. It make free ends sticking out together. Remove tape marker/holder and repeat at the other side. Then same with the second holder. 

Step 4: Completion

Cut and burn twine ends together. If you add carabiner, ball will not be able to get out, until it is not open. That is of course not necessary for carrying or hanging.

And that's all ;)