Introduction: Stripping Small Jumper Wires

Building circuits on a solderless breadboard is fun! Debugging a rats-nest of wires looping around a circuit that doesn't work is not! Here's a little instructable on neat trick for making small jumpers.

Step 1: Srip One:

Strip off about twice as much insulation as you would expect to for breadboarding: 1/2" to 5/8".

Step 2: Strip Two:

Then, strip a small section on insulation, but don't strip it all the way off!
You can measure the length against your breadboard, if you want to be really tense about it. Make sure you measure the insualtion that you will be cutting and adjusting, not including the exposed wire.

Step 3: Snip and You're Done!

Now with a quick snip, the tiny jumper is born! No more excuses for un-tidy breadboards!

(There is likely going to be an automated version using a servo motor/ stepper motor instructable somewhere in my future!)