Stripy USB/headphone Wire




Introduction: Stripy USB/headphone Wire

Step 1: What You Need

•wire (i used the usb cable for my iPod)
•masking tape
•some nail varnish

Step 2: Tape

Decide where you want a stripe and put masking tape around it. Do that for the whole wire and then tape the end to the edge of a table.

Step 3: Paint It

Paint each section with nail varnish.

Step 4: Done

When its dry, peel off the tape so there will be a smooth edge. You can probably paint the white parts now if you want but i just wanted random stripes.

Last of all paint a top coat of clear nail varnish on :)

Step 5:

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    Question 2 years ago

    4 wire usb cable down to a 2 wire what colors go to what