Strong Foldable Swing

Introduction: Strong Foldable Swing


I'm here to show you how to make a very strong but easy-to-carry swing!

You'll use:

  • saw
  • screwdriver
  • drill

    • sanding belt

You'll need:

  • a piece of strong wood 50x40cm (i used multiplex birch)
  • ropes (length depends on personal preference)
  • screws, a lot of them!
  • some kind of strong belt
  • an old broomstick

Step 1: Cutting Your Board

First use your saw to cut your piece of wood into laths.

These will support the seating.

The laths i used had these dimensions: 20 x 4 x 2cm.

Dimensions may vary because of personal preference but I strongly suggest to keep a minimum height of 3cm.

Step 2: Drilling

Cut holes in the sides of two of the laths.

These will make the connection between the seating and the ropes.

Step 3: Sanding and Drilling the Laths (optional)

You can use a sanding belt or drill to change the shape of the laths.

It can make your swing more ergonomic or lighter.

Step 4: Put It All Together

Now you should be ready to screw the swing together!

Place the belt carefully on the laths and just drive the screws through the belt in the laths.

Your swing should start to take shape.

*I suggest to double up the belt on the sides to make sure the weight on the swing doesn't rip the belt.

Step 5: Making the "adjusting" Tool (optional)

If you're a real swinger you'd probably want to swing at as many places as possible.
And therefore you'll need to adjust the height of the seating.

We'll use a simple piece of wood (6x3cm) drill three holes in it and insert the ropes.

These pieces can also be sanded to give it a professional look.

Step 6: Securing the Ropes

This will be the part of the swing that gets stuck in the tree.
It makes sure that the ropes don't get strangled.

  1. You cut up your broomstick so it's about as long as the width of the seating.
    Then you should drill two holes on the sides of the stick (about 5cm from the edges).
    That is for the thick ropes.
  2. Hold the stick on one finger to find the center of gravity.
  3. There you'll drill another small hole where the light rope will go in.

Step 7: Making a Throwing-weight

On the other end of the thin rope there should be a weight.
I used a monkey's fist, a beautiful knot.

Step 8: Folding

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