Introduction: Strongest Slingshot Nerf

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It's a simple nerf that you can do with your bicycle pump and slingshot in 20 minutes at home.

Step 1: Necessary Materials

-A Bike Pomp (Ebay)

-62 Celcius melting polymorph plastic material (Ebay amazon)

-Slingshot (Aliexpress)

-Pipe (Nerf Bullet size)

-A Drill

Step 2: All Steps

First drill the end of the bicycle pump with a drill.

Then melt the polymorph in a container.

Insert the tip of the tube pump ..

Keep the slings at the center of the bicycle pump.

Secure the pump end to the slingshot. It's all good fun.

Important: It gives a very strong shot. Play the children with surveillance. Protect your eyes from the shot.