Introduction: Stud Earring Holder

I almost exclusively wear stud earrings and have spent countless hours looking in stores and online for an earring holder that is made for studs specifically with no luck. After loosing hundreds of earrings I decided to make my own. The picture below is of the finished earring holder. 

Items Needed:
Old frame, paint, sanding block/paper, screw in hooks (optional), foam, cork adhesive contact paper, small nails, hammer

Frame Steps:
1. Find a frame size you like (doesn't matter what color unless you want to skip steps 3-4), I up-cycled an old one I had laying around.
2. Remove back, contents and glass and set aside.
3. Sand frame if painting a different color and wipe dust with damp cloth. 
4. Paint frame desired color and allow to dry (repeat if necessary).
5. If you would like the distressed look like I did, take your sanding sheet/block and lightly go over corners and front edges.
6. Add screw in hooks to the base (for a few dangly earrings), painting the hooks is up to you.

Cork steps:
1. Take foam piece and measure it against the back opening of the frame, marking the size, and cut about 1/4 inch smaller 
2. Take cork roll and measure how long the cork sheet needs to be to wrap all the way around the foam piece, and cut. 
3. Take protective backing off the cork sheet and place the foam piece in the middle.
4. Cut extra cork away from the corners in square shapes (See image # 3)
5. Wrap top and bottom sides down first, then after carefully cutting away cork that would cause overlapping fold over sides

1. Push cork covered foam into frame making sure the front is smooth and free of puckering
2. Take back cover of frame and nail onto back of frame (make sure that it's right side up if the hanger is on it).
3. Adding decorative elements is optional because your earrings will decorate it! I added a piece of a cork I liked to the left corner.
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