Introduction: Stuffed BBQ Chicken (sushi Style Roll)

You can put anything inside of the chicken roll and season the outside in any way you could imagine. This is a fun early summer day snack with grilled garlic bread and corn.

Step 1:

First we have a 3-4lbs chicken

Step 2:

My "wrong" knife was a little dull but the goal is to ride the cartilage down the center and ride left down the wishbone to take as much meat with the breast as you can. A nice sharp boning knife will do this in one motion but its ok to make several 'swipes' down your cut while you peel the breast back with every cut. Just try to keep it intact for pounding flat, we are not looking for holes.

Step 3:

Cut your tender off or for those who do not know, this is where a chicken tender comes from.  We want to ride right at the connection of the tender and breast and take it away whole with the tendon in it. You can see where it would flap on one side, it is not really connected well so its very obvious.

Step 4:

You should have a clean cut full tender and breast

Step 5:

Lay plastic wrap then breast and then a top layer of plastic wrap and then beat with a meat tenderizer very evenly and pushing out from the center. You want a nice flat pounded breast without holes!! The plastic wrap stops chicken juice from going everywhere......please be clean and not make yourself sick.

Step 6:

You want a good 3, 3 1/2 inch wide flat chicken to roll

Step 7:

I choose to just cut celery and onion and saute in a little oil with pepper to become the center for my chicken with a sweet baby rays and brown sugar BBQ outside.

Step 8:

Place on top of your flat chicken breast.

Step 9:

tuck the outsides and roll like a burrito.

Step 10:

This step is pretty self explanatory and fun. I use cooking twine thats made to not burn up the same, so don't use regular string.

Step 11:

By this step you may need some more sangria to enjoy your meal with.......but thats just me so enjoy!