Introduction: Stuff a Package With Reused Packing Materials

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As a college student at home for summer break, I have taken to cleaning my room, clearing out any old toys that no longer hold meaning for me. Naturally, this led me to start an eBay seller account. Now that I am an occasional eBay seller, I need to pack and send items in the mail. A millenial like me barely knows how to mail a handwritten letter, much less a medium-sized package containing a handheld gaming console. Fortunately, the people at the post office are knowledgeable and able to help me. When it comes to packing the envelopes, though....

Bubble wrap

Who needs it? Instead, I will show you how to use postage that others send you to pack your own packages!

Instead of styrofoam, use wadded up newspaper (bonus if it's the comics section). Instead of bubble wrap, use those puffy envelopes that have bubble wrap welded to the inside.

Step 1: Obtain Free Packing Materials

Obviously, the best situation is if you can find actual bubble wrap and styrofoam that you've saved from other things that people have mailed to you.

However, bubble-wrap mailers are an ideal material, and here's how to use them.

Step 2: Chop Up Your Bubble Envelope

Ready made bubble-wrap! Just stuff it in the box, and you're done.