Introduction: Stuffed Animal Chicken

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This is a remix of Muhaiminah Faiz's plushie bird. I changed it by turning the bird into a chicken and making it on a sewing machine. The link to their bird is

Step 1: Template / Cutting

Print Muhaiminah Faiz's template out and cut the paper template. Place the paper template on the fabric and cut the fabric out. On the templates that have a two on them, cut two of them.

Step 2: Sew the Body

Take the top and side and put the tips together with the wrong sides facing out. Sew a few stitches and re-align the edge so it is flat (if the middle bubbles out, it is fine). I can not stress this enough, re-enforce the tail side! That is so it doesn’t fall apart when you flip it.

Step 3: Sew Wings and Tail

Put the two tail pieces together with the wrong side facing out and align them. Sew around the edges and also, Re-Enforce The Edges! Now you are free to turn it right side out. Do this again with the wings.

Step 4: Stuff

Take some polyester filling or any type of filling and stuff the items. Where to stuff: wings are at the flat part at the bottom, tail is at the narrow part, body is at the rear end.

Step 5: Sew Tail On

Fold the rear end of the bird inward and put the open end of the tail in. Pin the two together. You can’t use a sewing machine for this, so get out a needle and thread. Start threading the needle through the tail. Go in one side and come out the other, then go in the side the needle came out on... ...Now tie it off.

Step 6: Sew Wings On

Take the wing and fold the opening inward. Pin it wherever you want it on the bird. Now take the needle and thread and sew the wing on. Take the pins out if you need them out. Sew like the pic above shows and go back and forth along the wing three times. Do the last wing the same way.

Step 7: Sew Eyes On

Place the button where you want the eye. Then sew the button on how the pic shows and do that about 6-10 times and then tie off under the button.

Step 8: Nose

Make a circle out of orange fabric and fold it in half. Twist it into a cone shape and thread the needle in the fold of the beak. Then go around and around like the pics show. Then tie it of and fill with hot glue a tad over the edge. Now stick the nose on the body while it is still hot.

Step 9: Spike and Gobble

For the spike or comb cut out two small little shape that looks like the one in the pics. Take one of them and put hot glue on it and put the other splat on top of it. When that is dry, put glue on the bottom of it and stick it to the bird. The gobble or waddle is optional. If you want to add one, cut out two shapes like the ones in the pics above and glue them together and attach them to the beak like you did the comb or spike.

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