Introduction: Stuffed Animal Ipod Charger

In this Instructable, I will teach you how to make a Stuff Animal that Charges an Ipod/Mp3 or any cell phone that has a USB cord. This is a very basic Instructable and it is cost under $20.


you will need:

a Stuff animal- (preferably small)
a bit of wire- with an insulated coat
a small switch- [tape://]
a Needle and Tread
9 volt battery
9V Snap Connectors- (That you can buy here )
Electrical tape- that can withstand pretty high temperature (don't just go pick the cheapest cause it isn't always the best)
+5V Fixed-Voltage Regulator 7805- (That can be bought here)
Female USB cord (you can normally find these cheap at Radio Shack or Best Buy but normally they are used for extension. So, becauase you maybe cutting it you should make sure you buy a cheaper one cause you will not use as much of the cord.
Aluminum Foil (a bit)

wire cutters/wire strippers (not as necessary)

Step 2: The Actual Charger

1. First thing is first you will need to set up the circuit I have seen many different operating ones but it seem that this one has worked the best for me...
2. Now while attaching each wire to the next i used Aluminum Foil (instead of Sodering the two wires together) and Electrical tape to help i think the best way to get the 2 wires together is to make to Hooks (basically make a loop with one wire and then make a loop with the second wire and place them together so that they are attached to each other)and hook each wire together then close the hooks take a tiny bit of Foil and raping it around the wire for a boost just in case then adjoining the two wires again with the Tape.
3. After you have made the circuit, for the Female USB cord you cut it then only need to use the BLACK AND RED WIRES the other 2 are used for data and i just taped them down the the sides of the cord so that they were not in the way. Then we have the circuit Complete.
PS: i Left extra cord from the female USB so i can decide where it comes out of the animal.

HINT:  Right where it says 9v above it is a little plus sign. that is the little ciruit for the Positive side. So if you wanted to have two different colored wires for your circut i would use red and black and have RED be POSITIVE + and BLACK be NEGATIVE - ...

Step 3: The Bear

You may need some sewing help so if you don't know how ask your mother lol seriously though depending on where you want the cord (the female USB) to be tells you where you should put it I think the best example is a panda bear example i made. on the back i cut it open a lot then took some of the stuffing out of it. if you tried your circuit you would have noticed that the volt regulator get very hot so what i thought was a cool idea was putting some of of taking a bit of cotton and cardboard and making a little cradle near the head of the bear. then i made sure that the switch popped out near the top back of the bear's neck then i sewed the top right back up. now all that is left is the battery where to put it and whether not to sew it up. Well depending on the animal will tell you where you want to cleverly think of where it goes i put the battery near the back of the but and i made a little shirt to hide the opening in the back near the bottom.


Now all that is left are your finishing touches depending on the length you gave the usb you can decide where you want to put it. ENJOY

This is the panda bear (webkinz thing) I used cause my little sis didn't want it and it was just kind of sitting there so i piped it out.

If you wanted it to be a Cell Phone Charger then all you would need is a second Charger Cut the cord in the middle and solder correct color wire together... if you wires are different colors it is ok just leave me a comment and i will explain what each one does but it would take to long to write it here :)

So this is what it looks like now.... just the bear in the front and the female USB cord maybe poking out of his Hand like mine or it foot or what ever you choose....