Stuffed Animal Purse

Introduction: Stuffed Animal Purse


Stuffed animal
Piece of fabric
Measuring tape
Glue gun
Seam ripper

Step 1: Seam Ripping and Unstufing

seam rip a opening at the top of the animal & take out some of the stuffing

Step 2: Measure

measure the length of the hole you made also measure the width . I got 3" length and 2" width

Step 3: Measure and Cut

on your piece of fabric measure out the measurements you got. Put the fabric on fold then cut it out you should have two pieces.

Step 4: Sew or Glue

you can either sew or glue the pieces together I sewed mine. Make sure you only sew along the lines I made

Step 5: Pull

after you sewed or glued it , pull it inside so that it's a bag.

Step 6: Pin Then Sew or Glue

Pin your zipper down to your fabric. Then you can either sew or glue it down. I sewed mine

Step 7: Pin and Glue

Pin your zipper to the animal . Put the bag in it then pin it. Then glue it to the animal

Step 8: Measure and Cut

Put your chain around you how you would wear the purse. Then measure how long it is. If you have a thick chain use pliers to cut them , but if you have a thin chain use scissors. I put mine over my opposite shoulder. And it was 44".

Step 9: Use Jump Rings

You can either glue the chain down or use jump rings to connect the chain to the purse with no glue. I just used the last of my jump rings on my record purse. So I'm going to glue mine.
If you used jump rings your all done if not keep going

Step 10: Seam Rip

I seam ripped one little hole on each side of the animal to put the chain in.

Step 11: Glue

Glue the chain in the hole . Then your done!!

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