Introduction: Stuffed Waffles!

Stop what you're doing,
Cuz I'm about to ruin,
the leftover style that you're used to....

A new way to enjoy those mountains of leftovers from the holidays!

Step 1: The Ingredients

The ingredients are pretty basic:

- about 3 cups of leftover stuffing
(Now I know you can use your grandmother's "handed down over 30 generations" stuffing recipe, but really the boxed stuff works just as well for this)

- 2 large eggs
- 1/2 cup of vegetable (or chicken) stock

Step 2: Mix! First Round.

I mixed the eggs and stock together (plus I added a bit of the turkey juices leftover from the pan for flavour, but that's not really necessary)

Step 3: Mix! Round 2.

Now mix all of the ingredients together!

Step 4: Into the Waffle-maker!

I happen to own a very nice professional-quality Belgian waffle maker.

(I bought it after spending some time in hotels with the breakfast buffet.  I'd never eaten so many waffles before in my life, and as soon as I got home I had to buy a waffle-maker for myself).

Load up that waffle-maker with the mixture!  ( I used almost all of the mix, discard any leftovers)

Step 5: Wait.

This is the most difficult step. 

Your kitchen will be filled with amazing smells, you must resist the desire to open the machine until it beeps.


(You may also notice that I do not have the drip tray installed at this step... it was still in the dishwasher after making regular waffles for breakfast this morning.  That's how much I love waffles.)

Step 6: Extraction

Once the waffle-maker beeps I extracted the waffle and placed it on a plate.

The kitchen smelled delicious.

Step 7: Load It Up!

Now that the waffle is done it's time to load it up.

I piled on some turkey, peas, cranberries and some leftover gravy as a nice topping.

We shared this beauty among three of us, it was awesome.