Introduction: Stun Ring for Safety of WOMENS

This is a Stun Ring which

can help the womens to be safe and secured wherever she goes.She can wear this small device and can help herself on her own.We chose this project/device because of the conditions which are happening in India. Each day, A women is tortured,embaressed or raped when she is outside her house.She doesen't feel safe outside.So, this device can help them.This small device can be charged and can be put in the pockets of her purse,handbag,jeans hook(Belt hook) , inside her pockets etc.When a woman wears this plastic ring attached with this device and punches or touches the person torturing her, the ring gives a high voltage current to the person.The women wearing the ring cannot be shocked.We used a high voltage rechargeable battery(preferably lithium ion battery), a plastic ring, some wires,a switch , a charging cable, 2 LEDs ( Red for power on and Green for charging).The best thing about it is that its wearable which reduces the chances of it being snatched. It works on the basic principle of a capacitor. A capacitor stores charge between its 2 plates, the device is charged through a normal 220 volts a.c.(alternating current) supply due to which the current is stored in the battery.When the switch is turned on, charge gets stored in the capacitor. and when the 2 terminals of the capacitor are connected either through a medium (human body) or directly, charge gets discharged which results into an electric shock. Short description-It is a Stun Ring which can help the womens around the globe to be secured and safe. This Device can be used when a woman is in trouble or when she is tortured or embarassed or tried to be raped Question/proposal-Common questions Q-Is this device safe when its raining? Ans- Yes, As it can be normal for half an hour and it should be removed before 30 mins Q- Is this device safe for the women wearing it? Ans-Yes, no harm is there to person wearing it? Q- Can it be attached with jeans? Ans- Yes, there is a Hook At the back of the device which can help the device to attach on the jeans? Q-How can u say that it works on the last moment? Ans- It can do its work when its needed to help a women as it is tested with all things which conduct electricity such as screwdrivers,hammer heads etc and even human body also!.So it can work at anytime when it is on

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