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Introduction: Stylish Choker

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Hi. I didn't post instructable from 3-4 months ,because i was busy and had final exam.
Today i wanted to post something and also I haven't made jewellery from months. And I have very limited jewellery making materials . So I decided to make a simple choker. In choker, you need only 3 beads and small piece of wire. Let's see and enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

12 mm bead
8mm bead
Drop bead
Small piece of wire
Tie clasp (it is used in making a ready-made school tie)

Step 2: Choker Pendant

1.Take a small piece of wire and make a knot type.
2. Add 12/10 mm beads, then 8mm bead and small drop bead.
3. After adding beads make the swirl in the end part.

Step 3:

Take a ribbon and add a pendant.

Step 4:

Take a tie clasp( you can use Velcro by stick the Velcro on end of the choker)
Sew the one side of the choker with the needle and thread.

Step 5:

Now you have to insert the another part of tie clasp.

Tips: You can adjust according to your neck size, But not exact size.


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