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Introduction: Stylish Crystal Earrings

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Hello Everyone,

In this New Instructable, I decided to show you how to make some Pretty and Elegant Crystal Earrings.

I chose to use the Tinkercard program to represent by a drawing the arrangement of the different elements that were used to make the jewelry.
This program was very appropriate because despite the rounded shapes of these earrings, there are many geometric shapes.
I had fun mixing materials, colors and shapes to create an absolutely unique Jewel.
Here is how to make elegantly designed Earrings with patience and a needle for a Haute Couture result.


To make these Earrings, you need:

  • Soutache strings in nylon 3mm: 3 cords in nylon of different colors (Burgundy Lurex, Burgundy, Copper)
  • Nylon to sew the fibers 0,10
  • Pearl sewing needles, Nb 10/13.
  • Scissors
  • Liquid Glue
  • 1 piece of fabrics
  • 2 Crystal drops
  • 2 Round crystals
  • 2 Flat beads
  • 12 Faceted crystal beads
  • 4 Round glass beads
  • Seed beads
  • 2 Glass drop-shaped beads
  • 2 Ear hooks

Step 1: Tinkercard for Arrangement of Materials

I used Tinkercard to figure out how to arrange materials in a harmonious way.
I wanted to get a chandelier shape to get Elegant Earrings.

Each shape represents the non-textile elements of this jewel.
That is to say pearls, crystals, drops etc.
I didn't 3D print anything because the earrings are hand sewn.

Step 2: Prepare the Materials

Prepare the 3 colors of soutache strings. Then the crystals, the pearls and the drops.

Make sure you have a sufficient quantity of needle and nylon thread.

Step 3: Sew the Middle Part

Assemble the 3 soutache strings together to pass the needle through.
Sew in a rounded shape, which will fit the crystal drop.
Place a few small drops of liquid glue on the edges of the crystal drop, then glue the soutache strings.
Wait 1 minute, then sew all the soutache strings together at the end of the drop.

Step 4: Insert Beads

Do not cut the nylon thread.

Fold the soutache strings on each side in order to sew a small golden crystal bead on them.
Then bind off again, to sew a cubic crystal bead on it.

Step 5: Symmetry

When the bead is attached, fold the soutache strings behind.
Sew them straight and then place a drop of liquid glue where you want to cut.
I chose to cut them in the center of the crystal drop.
Proceed in the same way on the other side to obtain symmetry.

Step 6: Add a Row

Fold the copper colored soutache string in half.

Then, sew it over the others, in a straight manner.
Sew a round bead on each side, then bind off.
Place a drop of liquid glue where you want to cut.
You can glue a small piece of fabric behind the middle part of the jewelry to make it look prettier. Choose a color similar to soutache strings.

Compare your jewel with the drawing of Tinkercard or the sketch drawn on paper.

Step 7: Add an Item

Take the soutache strings and sew them in a rounded fashion to glue them against the round crystal.
When you have given them this shape, place a few small drops of liquid glue on the edges of the crystal and glue the soutache strings.
Then unite them by passing the needle through all the soutache strings.
Sew them straight on, about 2 cm long.
Put liquid glue and finally cut. This piece will be hidden by another top.

Step 8: Precision

Take 4 soutache strings as in the photo.

1 Copper, 2 Burgundy Lurex and 1 Copper.
Sew them in a rounded fashion.
When the small piece is ready, come and sew it over the previous piece, going right through.

Then join the 2 ends behind. Sew a square bead at the front to cover the straight soutache strings.
Then attach this piece to the central part of the earring with 3 crystal beads.

Step 9: The Pendant

To embellish the jewel and give it this pendant effect, sew a glass drop with 2 crystal beads to the point of the central piece.
Thread the needle through the soutache strings, then the 2 Beads, the Glass Drop, a small seed Bead and finally iron the whole 3 times for better security.
Sew an ear hook. Reproduce this earring identically to obtain the pair.

Step 10: Very Elegant !

Vous êtes belle et maintenant capable de créer des boucles d'oreilles très originales dans n'importe quelle forme que vous voulez.

Je vous souhaite bonne chance avec ce Instructable !

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A bientôt pour un prochain Instructable...

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