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Are you waiting to gift your loved one's any time , then I tell you this is the right time because I just came up with an awesome gift box that looks pretty as well as cool for gifting Purpose.

Trust me girls will go crazy for any handmade crafts and it is your time to impress that girl you have been hitting on all the time.

This Craft can be used for any purpose like you can make it as a gift box or also you can use it fro your home decor.

So let me show you how to do it

Step 1: Materials Needed

  1. A Card Board Box
  2. Ribbon
  3. Razor blade
  4. Glue
  5. Scissors

Step 2: Cardoard Cut

Take a plain cardboard and Razor blade and make cuts gently at any corner of the cardboard walls .

If you don't have a plain cardboard just take a normal cardboard and paint it with desired color.

Gently you need to do it so that the cardboard won't break.

Repeat the same procedure at every corner of the four walls of the cardboard.

Step 3: Pierce the Ribbon

With the help of any Popsicle or using scissors insert the ribbon through those cuts as shown in the figure.

Repeat it through all the cuts of the four walls.

Now pull the ribbon tight from all the holes and cut the ribbon at the end as shown.

Tie the ribbon at one end as shown and cut the extra parts.

Step 4: Make the Bow

Take a 20-30 cms of ribbon and do as follows to make a bow.

  1. At the center of your ribbon form two evenly sized loops in each hand , forming a bunny ear shaped .
  2. Take the right loop and cross it over the left loop.
  3. Fold the left loop behind the right loop and thread it back through the center.
  4. Feed the right loop through the center and pull the two loops into a knot.
  5. Adjust the length of each loop and cut the ends in any angle or in a V-shape fro more finishing look.

Step 5: Attach the Bow and Use

Attach the bow that we just made using glue as shown in the images.

Use it as a home decor by keeping anything such as perfume bottles or towels or anything

Or you can even use it as a gift box to gift your loved ones.

Thank You:)

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