Introduction: Stylish Yet Simple Wooden Bookcase

This is a truly great looking bookcase that's suitable for anyone starting in woodwork. It only uses lap joints that can be made with the simplest tools, but has great stability when finished. The finishing touches are easy to add, but they make this into a truly stunning piece of furniture.All of the cutting can easilly be completed in a weekend with the assembly guaranteed to fill a few cold winter nights with fun and the pleasure of achievement.

You can see how the bookcase is assembled in the video simulation on my website:

Full detailed instructions and a video simulation on my WEBSITE


6.5m of 195mm x 20mm planed-all-round square edge pine

4.4m of 12mm pine quadrant

17.5m of 44mm x 20mm planed-all-round square edge pine

Wood glue

Screws (with screw cups for decoration)

648 7mm screw-in eyelets

30 skeins black embroidery thread

30 skeins red embroidery thread

Fabric glue

Panel Pins

Wood stain (in 3 shades)

Step 1: Before You Begin

Print the cut-list which shows you how all of the pieces for the bookcase need to be cut and stained.

Review the assembly order so you can see how the pieces fit together.

Step 2: Create the Side-panels

Cut 6 uprights of 130cm length and 8 ribs of 40cm length from the 20mmx44mm pine

Cut half-laps into the long uprights at the bottom and every 42 cm (4 in each upright)

Cut corresponding half laps into the short ribs (3 on each rib)

Cut a 1cm recess at the rear of 6 of the ribs

Sand and apply a light stain

Glue and screw the ribs into the uprights

Step 3: Create the Shelves

Cut the shelf panels (8 off) to length (refer to the cut list) and cut a notch in each corner so that the shelves fit into the side-panels (again, see the cut-list for all of the dimensions)

Glue the front and rear shelf panels together, ensuring they lay flat during the glue setting time (see the photo)

Step 4: Make the Carcass

Glue the shelves into place one at a time.

Ensure un-glued shelves are clamped into place also as this will help keep the whole construction true.

Step 5: Add the Crown and Skirt

Glue and screw the 4 pieces of the crown to the top of the bookcase using the screw arrangement shown.

Glue and screw the two lengths of skirt to the bottom of the bookcase.

Step 6: Fit the Back

Cut the back-panel to size and fit into the recess at the rear of the bookcase; glue and screw along the rear facing edges of the shelves.

Add lengths of quadrant inside the shelf cavities to further secure the back panel

Step 7: Add the Image

Using any image you lik get it printed at 71cm x 31cm with a solid aluminium di-bond substrate and a scuff resistant lamination.

Fit into the top recess and add a frame of (dark stained) quadrant

Step 8: Face With Buffers

Add the long (132cm) buffers to the front.

Cut these with a shallow chamfer and round off the edges with a sander.

Step 9: Weave the Side Panels

Using the embroidery thread and eyelets weave the side panels so that things cannot fall off the shelf sides!

Refer to the weaving guide in the image.

When tying thread off, use a dab of fabric glue to secure the knots

Step 10: Unique and Personal to You

And you're all finished. Make the bbookcase unique and personal by chossing your own image for it and by experimenting with the 'string art' side-panel weave.

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