Introduction: Stylus

    Hello everyone , a "STYLUS" what you think of it , it's a pen which works on smartphone's screen that's it , nothing special but wait it's not that simple too to make things competible to smartphone's screen . Popular examples of it are Samsung's s-pen and Apple's pensil . Stylus are of two types- (1) Active stylus and (2) passive stylus. Both the above examples are of active stylus but today we going to focus on passive stylus .

    The simple science behind this type of stylus is that it conducts charges which is produced by our body to the tip of stylus and which then affect the electric field produced by smartphone's screen and this interuption in screen's electric field is sensed by smartphone as touch. Overall passive works like our extended finger you can think of it.


    To make this stylus we are going to need some materials which are as follows:-

    1. Body (you can use any pen's body or stick anything which can be hold as pen)
    2. Spring
    3. Small matellic ball (I popped it out from ball bearing)
    4. Aluminium foil
    5. Small piece of cloth (colour as you like)
    6. Thread

    Photos of all the material are given above.

    Step 1: The Basic Frame

    In this step we are going to make the basic frame of Stylus for this we will be needing body , spring and matellic ball. And do remember that the diameter of spring should be smaller then the diameter of matellic ball and should be approximately same to the body of pen taken.

    First of all we need to open one end of spring and expand with the help of plier in such a way that the ball exactly fits in the cavity of spring. Don't worry I showed it in photo how to do it and then fit the ball inside the cavity made. The whole process is shown in photos you can take help of it.

    Secondly we fits the body of pen (I used pen' body) to the spring or slide the spring over the body .Photosof which are given above you can always take help of it.

    And one more thing about pen'body is that to give it a translucent look I rubbed it with a sandpaper but that's you choice you can do if you want.

    Step 2: The Tip

    Now in this step we are going to make the most important part of the stylus i.e., the tip. For this purpose we are going to need a aluminium foil.

    First of all cover the ball stucked in spring with a layer of foil

    Secondly take some foil and a ball out of it and do remember the size of ball(foil) should be smaller than the size of matellic ball.

    Third, place the foil ball on the top of matellic ball and cover both with some layers of aluminium foil.

    Now for consideration all the scientific work is done and the tip of stylus is been made.

    Step 3: Final Touches

    At this step our raw stylus is been made now some final touches are left which are necessary too because these are not only to make stylus look good but also making it good for your smartphone's screen also because aluminium is a metal and can make some scratches on screen so for this purpose we are going to need a piece of cloth and thread.

    Now cover the whole tip with the cloth and tie it with the help of thread and cut out the extra part of cloth and again tie it to make it look good.

    Now basically our stylus is done but one last necessary thing is left and that is to shape the tip I recommend to make the tip somewhat bold and spherical at the tip and try untill it starts working on screen and even then it doesn't work then wet the tip a little bit then it will definitely work.

    If any suggestions, comments and queries regarding the project please ask in comment box.

    Thank you.šŸ˜€šŸ˜€

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