Introduction: Styrofoam Halloween Grandfather Clock

Hi all,
1 x round styrofoam box with lid, free
2 x rectangle styrofoam boxes, free
5 x rectangle styrofoam lids from boxes and leftovers of others they were getting rid of at fruit and veg store, free
Glue gun and glue sticks, $5
4 x plastic Halloween axes, $4
1 x op shop clock,  $2
1 x light up vine with batteries, $1 from dollar shop
2 x LED mini lights for eyes, 40 cents online ebay store
heap of free paint, local freecycle

It's simple and most of all, main supplies were free.  Styrofoam boxes from local fruit and veg market, (giving them away, just ask).
I looked online at Grandfather Clocks and this is what my version was, possibilities are endless!

Clock face from local charity store cost $2 and four plastic axes, (totallying $4), and  a couple led lights for 20cents.
Lighted vine with own little cartridge for batteries to light clock face up $1 bin at dollar store.
I used whatever paint was lying around the shed and if all else fails, you can ask your local freecycle website for leftover paints.
I will do my best with a box knife and styrofoam and glue gun was my friend and this is the results.
Oh and best to do on the lawn, as messy styrofoam, as you can see the ground was covered but didn't hurt to mow it later. :)
I was looking for a two headed axe to put in the middle but could not find any and went for making a skeleton body out of styrofoam for affect in the middle. Longer process but was worth it in the end.
I put all the body pieces on the ground and attach some string to back with glue from glue gun, and left it white with some paint in some places for definition.
And for good measure made the toes come out of  the bottom for proportion.
So I used a half rounded styrofoam box at the top, (kept the lid and used it to cover the back of the clock that I inserted in hole for battery access and I also used 2 rectangular boxes. I kept one rectangle whole and the other I cut in half and used lids from the boxes to separate the pieces.
Enjoy Creating! I know I did!!
I know I am going to insert another mini LED inside clock facing down on body, (as others are going in eye sockets of styrofoam skull),  and some plastic overly exagerated nails in the feet, still perfecting what I like with this project!

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