Introduction: Subaru Forester (2009-2013): Polyurethane Foam Mattress

The audience: To individuals who enjoy the thought of comfortable sleeping in their vehicles, namely in 2009-2013 Subaru Foresters.

Additional audience: I use a 2010 Subaru Forester for this project. However, to enhance universal design, the same steps below can be applied to a variety of makes and models.

The purpose: This product will allow convenience, especially when one travels: One can comfortably relax, camp, and sleep—all from a vehicle.

The instructions below will show you a method to size and cut a polyurethane foam mattress—specifically to the posterior (behind the driver and passenger seat) of a 2009-2013 Subaru Forester. The instructions below contain the necessary materials and steps to facilitate the completion of this project.

Step 1: Required Materials

Required Materials:

2009-2013 Subaru Forester Vehicle

A Newspaper

Sticky tape (e.g., Scotch Shipping,Duct, Electrical)

A Marker (e.g., Sharpie, Crayola Marker)

Hardware Store OR Polyurethane Foam Block and a Bread Knife

Step 2: Fold Subaru Seats Down

Fold the second-row seats down.

If unsure, reference the video attached.

Caution: Be careful. One can get fingers caught between objects when folding seats down.

Step 3: Newspaper

In the interior of the Subaru Forester, take a newspaper and spread it within the yellow lines. See the picture attached.

Doing this will help find the dimensions of the Subaru.

Step 4: Marker

Using a thick marker (e.g., Sharpie), trace the newspaper on the outermost portion within the Subaru. In other words, in the picture attached, you would trace the yellow lines (approximately).

Doing this will help determine the cut-out size of the polyurethane foam block.

Note: Be careful. If you value the appearance of your Subaru, avoid drawing on the vehicle's surfaces.

Step 5: Tape

Tape the newspaper together, so the paper does not fall apart when removing from vehicle.

I used "Scotch Shipping Tape." It worked well.

Note: Use sticky tape; Do not use weak tape, as newspaper will detach.

Step 6: Take Newspaper to Hardware Store

Take the newspaper to a hardware store. Many hardware stores have polyurethane foam in bulk. They can cut out the dimensions for you.

Note: If you enjoy sleeping on a soft surface, opt for a relatively thick polyurethane foam (Recommendation: 4-6 inches).

Step 7: No Hardware Store?

If you have a block of polyurethane foam already, you can do it yourself. See below for instructions.

Using the outlined newspaper from Step 4, re-outline the marker outline from the newspaper onto the polyurethane foam and cut.

Below is a good technique for cutting polyurethane foam:

Watch from 1:25-2:25

Warning: Be careful when using knife. Improper use can result in serious injury and death.

Step 8: Enjoy