Introduction: Subaru Forester 2013 - USB Charger Next to Front 12V Outlet

USB charger for front passenger and the driver.

Step 1: Dissasembly the Handles

We grab them with 2 hands and we pull.

Step 2: Dissasembly the Plastics Around Gear Shift

We take something thing and hard (I used knife). We put it as shown on the picture and we pull the handle up. Then we pull the plastics back.

Step 3: We Remove the Rubber Stand

With help of knife we pull it out.

Step 4: Remove the Panel Around the CD

After we pull it from upper side, we pull it from down side.

Step 5: Get the Panel With 12V Outlet Outside.

Remove the wires from 12V outlet. Take the panel out of the car. Then mark and cut hole for USB charger and put it.

Step 6: Wiring.

Make the wiring as shown on the picture. We DON'T cut the original wires of the car. We use male/female shoes to connect to the car and split the power against 12V outlet and the USB charger.


Step 7: Assembly Everything.

First we connect only 12V outlet, then we put the panel back at it's place AND after that we connect the USB charger and car wiring. This is because of some plastics thing between USB charger and 12V outlet. The cable must go behind that plastics.

Step 8: Final Result