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The follow Instructable will help you to make your own Subjugator backpack from Fortnite!

Step 1: Step 1: Download or Make the Patterns

You can download our PDF patters from here:

You can find the measurements that I use in the same file.

Join the parts 1 to 4 to have the complete pattern for the back and front of the shield, both with the same measurements.

The last page contains the top and bottom with which we will join the back and front. They will help us to give the curvature to the shield

Step 2: Step 2: Cut the Pieces in the Material to Be Use

I use cardboard as main material for the shield but you can use EVA foam.

The visor and the other gray parts were made with 0.5 cm foam (sleeping/camping pad)

Step 3: Step 3: Assembly

This is the most demanding part. I use hot glue to join all the parts into the shield.

- As you can see on the video I start joining the base and the top with the main pieces (back and front) and get the shape of the shield. Then I cut the middle part to give it 2cm depth, the cardboard piece that I cutted was the same used for the inside cover.

- For the borders, slats of cardboard (3.5cm) were used and glued between the front and back pieces. Also add some carboard slats inside to add steadiness to the shield.`

- Don't forget to make 4 holes in the back part to use it as a "backpack"

Once you have the basic shape of the shield ready is time to add paper mache!

Step 4: Step 4: Paper Mache

- To make paper mache I soak 2 bowls of shredded paper for 2 hours then squeezed and add white glue to get a paste. I recommend you to start with 1 bow it does not dry out.

- Cover all the surface (front or back) with paper mache and flatten it up. Let it dry until it becomes solid (in my case it took 2 days for each part). Now you can continue with the opposite side and the edges.

Step 5: Step 5: Sanding

I start sanding the shield with sandpaper but then used a drill with a sanding disc and got great results with less effort. You can leave the surface as smoth as you wish, in my case I leave some imperfections to get a nice texture.

Step 6: Step 6: Painting

- You can use matt black spray paint, I gave it 5 layers of paint.

- For the red details I masked the surface applied red acrylic paint with a brush but you can use a spray paint as well.

Step 7: Step 7: Details

As mentioned before, the viewfinder and the lateral gray details were made with 0.5 cm foam (sleeping/camping pad), the edges were covered with two layers because of its tickness. You can stick it with hot glue. For the viewfinder use a plastic mica.

Cut the tip of 8 big thumb tacks and 4 small ones and painted with gray acrylic paint. When the paint dry, Hot glue them on the shield (small ones for the viewfinder).

Mask a circle in the EVA viewfinder helped with a bottle cap and paint it with 2 layers of black Plasti Dip or Peel Coat paint.

Finally put some straps on the holes to carry the shield, I use 1 meter of paracord.

And that's all! Now you should have a nice Subjugator shield!

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