Introduction: Subs / Views Counter, 3D Printed

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Over the next 3 Part series we will build a Subs / Views Counter that will report back your subs and views from your YouTube channel. This easy to build subs counter is great for you to monitor your channels progress.

Step 1: Subs / View Counter | Electronics Assembly

In step 1 we will build the electronics for this project. The parts are easily sourced and is a relatively simple project.

Step 2: Subs / View Counter | Printing and Assembly

I have posted the Counter on ThingiVerse and is my first post on ThingiVerse, get your STL files here:

Step 3: Subs / View Counter | Programming

This is Part 3 of our Subs and Views Counter. This is where we put everything together and adding the code to the Wemos. The code is posted on my website. the link is below:

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