Subscription Card Artwork

Introduction: Subscription Card Artwork

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Turn ordinary magazine subscription postcards into simple, yet fun artwork, inspired by Mark Montano's project found in "The Big Ass Book of Crafts".

Step 1: Materials

To do this subscription card artwork project, my way, you will need...

  • subscription postcards from magazines
  • paints in dark colors, like black, green, blue, red, or grey
  • blue painter's tape
  • 1" wide flat brush or sponge brush
  • several old magazines
  • X-acto knife or scissors
  • spray adhesive
  • Mod Podge
  • simple picture frames (not shown but optional)

Step 2: Prepare and Paint Subscription Card

First, tape off 1/4" of border with blue painter's tape. Then, add a layer of a dark colored paint; here I'm using blue. Let dry completely before removing the tape.

Step 3: Add an Image

Cut out an image from an old magazine and use spray adhesive to attach it to the front of your painted card. Let dry completely.

Step 4: Complete!

Now, you can hang these up on your bulletin board or put in a few picture frames!

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