Introduction: Succulent Tray

I found some succulents at a good price and had to have them. I got them home and realised I didn't have any suitable dishes to put them in. I didn't want them to leak out the bottom onto the table when watered. I wasn't too fussed about the table getting wet as it is a homemade rustic table that would have no problem with getting wet but there are gaps in the planks where water would go through onto my nice glittery storage boxes I have underneath. These are not so hardy.

I got my partner to look through his scrap pile that he has at his yard to see if he had anything I could use.

He found a small utensil tray that had been screwed on a barbecue to hold cooking utensils. It is the perfect size but was a little dirty.

What I used:

Barbecue tray

Marker pen


Car spray paint


Cardboard box

Step 1: Bath Time

As you can see it is in need of a little TLC.

I gave it a good wash first and made sure it was properly dry. Pity about the screw holes where it had been attached to the barbecue.

Step 2: Rounding the Corners

I decided I didn't like the sharp corners so I used a battery angle grinder to take them off. I used a marker and a coin to mark how far to grind down. It says on the disc 'use eye protection' I didn't, it was silly of me, I will remember to do so next time no matter how small the job.

Step 3: Spraying

I used Simoniz acrylic car spray paint, I am not recommending it, it is just what I happened to have around. I put the tray in the cardboard box so that I didn't get spray paint on anything else. I went into the garden to do this bit. I stood so the breeze would take the fumes in the opposite direction as the paint smells pretty bad. Here it is after one coat, I gave it a second coat after approx half hour. It dried pretty quick and had the plants in the tray within the hour.

Step 4: Finished

Here they are in the tray. I think it looks much better cleaned up and is perfect for the job. I do like to see what I can re-purpose before I buy something.