Introduction: Succulent Twig Wreath

A few years ago, i saw this on one os those DIY decoration tv shows, i can´t remember which though, and since i love succulents it stuck in my mind ever since and a week ago i decided it was about time to give it a go. This is my first instructable, so i hope it makes sense to you and if you´ve tried this yourself please free feel to comment and complement it.

Step 1: Select Your Succulent Plants and Gather Materials

I live in Mexico, so we have tons of places where this kind of plants are available, since we don´t depend on climate that much they are available all year round.

I did some online research first on which are the better and hardy ones to use with this kind of project, what i learned is that succulents are really low care, hardy plants, they only need about an inch of well drained substrate to thrive and grow. They are easy to propagate, in most cases you only need a cutting of one of the leaves to propagate them. Then the whole twig wreath made all the sense since it provides a good media to hold them and still have enough aeration for them to feel cunfy, also since they are made from organic material they keep enough humidity.

So if you are interested in learning more about this awesome plants i found this page amazing:

here are so many varieties!

You will need:

-Twig wreath (you can get them on craft or flower shops, i found that the smaller the twigs the better the ones i found had wire to hold the twigs together i removed the wire and used the twigs to tie them)
-Succulent plants (depending on the size of your wreath)
-Scissors (i used this kitchen ones, but i recommend you use garden scissors, the plastic on this ones broke)
-A plastic bag to gather all the substrate

Step 2: Step One

Gather all your materials on your workspace i did this on my  kitchen table.

Before you start soak the twig wreath over night it will make it easier to work with since the twigs get softer when soaked.

Remove the succulents from they planter media, and leave only the roots. I found that they are hardy they can handle manipulation very well, the leaves are a bit more fragile. If you loose some leaves don´t worry, they become a good chance to get a new plant from them so keep them aside.

Step 3: Step Two

Once you have all your succulents out of their substrate it time to "plant" them onto the twig wreath.

Take the garden scissors and introduce them into the wreath, try to manoeuvre them as not to cut the twigs until you can feel them on the other side of the wreath.

Twist them half way so that they spread the twigs apart enough to fit the roots or stem of the succulent. Carefully insert them into hole and twist back the scissors to close the gap. the twigs will come back to their original position, but not all the way that they will crush the roots or stem.

Repeat this on the next area and work around the wreath.

Step 4: Step Three

Once you have worked all around the wreath, use the smaller ones to fill in gaps, just not that tight because succulents propagate a lot so they will fill all the spaces that can be left without.

And that´s it!! easy huh?

Now just soak the wreath with the succulents in water. i left them soaking while i was cleaning un the kitchen table. then just pull it out of the water and let it standing until it does not drip anymore.

You can hang this on your front door, succulents do well vertically, as i mentioned before they are so low maintenance but they do need sunlight. Since i live in an apartment y get no natural light on my front door, so i decided to make this into a table center.

If it is exposed to sunlight you only need to water it every 1 or 2 weeks, or when you see that the twigs are all dry. In winter you can leave it inside beside a window. Don´t overwater! Succulents are almost dessert plants. If you need to fertilise when you water them add miracle grow to the water they love it.

Hope you enjoy it and share a photo if you make one!