Introduction: Succulents in Everyday Containers

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add beauty to you living space using household containers.

Step 1: Prep

What you'll need: soil, succulent plants, rocks or pebbles, containers of any size.

Step 2: Prep Containers

Add rocks or pebbles, this will help with water draining. If your container doesn't have holes on the bottom and you can't drill or add holes rocks or a thin layer will keep water from over soaking the soil. This also means you don't need to water as often.

Step 3: Soil!

Place a bit of soil over the rocks, making space for the plant.

Step 4: Plant Your Succulent

Some succulents can be separated, I found that one of my plants wouldn't fit so I separated the little plants and put only a few in my smaller containers. After placing the plants in the containers, add soil to cover the top while gently packing the soil down.

Step 5: Fancy!

Add more rocks or pebbles to the top. You can even add shiny marbles or stones, even a few favorite characters if it's for a kid's room.

Step 6: Spice Up Your Space

These plants are hardy and can even endure colder temps, aside from frost, but keep then in a sunny place. The succulents here are all safe to touch if you're worried about kids or pets. Enjoy!

Step 7: