Introduction: Suet Bird Feeder

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If you've been following my posts you're already aware I'm always trying to come up with new projects 'on the cheap''s instructions on how I made a suet bird feeder using scrap wood I had laying around and a few pieces of chicken wire

Step 1: Supplies Needed to Make an Easy Suet Bird Feeder


2" x 2" scrap pieces of wood..cut 1 pc 5" long, cut 2 pc 6.5" long and cut 1 pc 9" long

2 pc of 1/2" chicken wire..cut 2 pc 6" x 6.5" square

4 wood screws ( 2" long)

wood glue (if desired)

1 pc of wire...cut to approx 18 inches


staple gun / staples / saw / drill and bits for pilot holes / screwdriver / wire cutters

Step 2:

cut out the 4 pc of 2" x 2" as instructions ( one x 5", two x 6.5" and one x 9")

cut out the 2 pc of chicken wire as instructions

lay out the wood in a U shape using the 5 " pc as the centre and a 6.5" pc on either side

set aside the 9" pc as this will be used as the lid

drill 2 pilot holes at the bottom corner of each side pc to line up with the bottom horizontal 5 " pc

screw together using wood screws (and glue if desired)

Step 3: Attach Chicken Wire to Make Pocket for Suet

place the U shaped wood on a flat surface

centre a pc of chicken wire over the wood shape lining up the top of the chicken wire with the top end of each side pc of wood

use staple gun to attach the chicken wire to the sides and bottom pc

turn over and staple the other chicken wire to the opposite side

Step 4: Attach the Top Cover of Suet Feeder

lay the wood frame on a flat surface

line up the 9"" pc of wood so its evenly spaced with the frame

mark the spot to drill a hole in the 9" top pc of wood approx 1/2" from each outer edge

bend the wire and staple to left side of the top of wood U shaped frame (or you can use a 3/4" screw inserted into the top outer edge of each side pc of wind the wire around)

with end of wire attached to the left side pc of feed the wire through the left hole of 9" top pc...feeding from the bottom edge and up through to the top...pull wire along top edge of 9" top pc and then

feed wire through right hole in 9" top pc..feeding wire from the top and down through to the bottom of top pc

then staple the end to the right side of the top of wood U shaped frame (or wind around 3/4" screw)

Step 5: Filling Suet Bird Feeder

slide the 9" top pc of wood along the wire pulling the lid upwards

remove the packaging from suet block and slide the suet bar into the chicken wire cage

replace the top so it sits evenly on the U shape frame

* If you have curious squirrels may consider wiring the top slider bar to the vertical sides so the lid can not be pull upwards while outside *

decide on a suitable place to hang your new suet bird feeder

enjoy watching the birds swoop in for a tasty treat

note: included is another suet bird feeder constructed out of wood and chicken wire

Using 3.5" x 1" wood (4 pc of wood cut to 7.5" x 7.5") and chicken wire (cut / bent and stapled to wood sides and bottom prior to joining the pc together) The lid attaches the same as this instructable. Ive also attached 2 pc of 3/8" dowel cut to 6.75" along the bottom on both sides to act as a perch